24 May 2010 Some Guys Have All the Luck

Thrasher fan on Heatley trade.

A Thrasher fan simultaneously expresses his thoughts on Dany Heatley and Marian Hossa.

My dear Marian (Hossa, of course!) has once again made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. That’s three years in a row, with three different teams — and that’s a pretty incredible feat. As someone who was lucky enough to get to watch Marian for many years in Atlanta, I know how good he can be. It’s time for him to step it up in the playoffs and get over the yips or whatever it is that has him underperforming. He’s better than his playoff stats show. He’s magical when he’s on. It’s time for him to bring out the magic stick and show everyone what I think we all know he’s capable of. I can’t help but think that, although the Blackhawks got this far in the playoffs without — for the most part — his otherworldly skills, Marian has to be more than a mere mortal before the hockey gods (and goddesses!) will allow him to lift the Cup. He just seems to have a curse on him.

I find it rather intriguing that Hossa, who was signed by, and traded from, the Ottawa Senators (to the Atlanta Thrashers) before the ink was even dry on the contract, was going up against the guy — Dany Heatley now of the San Jose Sharks — he was traded for way back when. For all of the gaffes Marian has made in the media over the last several years and for all the things he’s said that have pissed people off, I think he’s been nothing if not honest and hard working. I will sound like a bitter Thrashers fan but I think the exact opposite of “the Heater.”

Marian Hossa

Is this Hossa's year -- at last?

I’ve always understood Heatley’s desire to depart from Atlanta and try to cobble his mind back together without the daily, sorrowful reminders the city held for him. But he’s shown himself to be kind of a louse. Quitting, not just on the city of Atlanta and the fans who stood so firmly behind him, but on the Swiss team he signed with during the NHL lockout (to head to Russia to play for Ak Bars Kazan, a team loaded with NHL talent), then on the Senators last year, demanding a trade after signing a big old contract, which, of course, contained the dreaded no-trade clause. I’m not going to go so far as to compare him — either jokingly or seriously — to Stalin as one somewhat amusing columnist did back during last summer’s “Dany-gate.” But maybe the hockey gods have spoken after all. Hossa’s in, Heater’s out.

Or maybe I am just being ridiculous. Maybe it’s just the way Lady Luck danced … the cookie crumbled … the puck bounced. Whatever it is, I have always admired Marian Hossa as a person and a player. As a Thrasher fan, it sucks he’s gone and it hurts to know he didn’t want to be in my city on my team, but he didn’t choose Atlanta and I respect his decision to seek his fame and fortune elsewhere. In short, I wish him well and hope that, the third time is, indeed, a charm. There is a Russian proverb that asserts “God loves the number three.” Maybe this is Hossa’s year after all.

Photos: Thrasher fan by Goddess Kaatiya. Copyright 2007-2010. All Rights Reserved. Marian Hossa by Chris Stanford, chrisstanford.com.

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  1. 1

    Great post! I referred to the Western Conference finals as “the Battle of who do the Thrashers hate most?” I thought you beautifully summed up why Thrashers fans don’t like Heatley. For most it wasn’t what happened with Dan Snyder, it was the comments he made after.
    As a Thrashers fan, I have no beef with Hossa. He never asked to play here, but once he was here he did his job and played well (except that disappearing act in our only playoff appearance). He did his time, but wanted to win. Can’t blame a man for that.

  2. 2

    Great site. It will be interesting to see if Marian can get his Cup this year. I wonder how it will feel at the end of the season — Cup or not — knowing he can’t cherrypick another new team. LOL

  3. 3

    I really would like to see Marian win in some ways…to shut up his critics. Who knows why he bolted from Pittsburgh, but he had his reasons that I’m sure were more than just related to winning the cup. I often wonder why some people get glee in seeing others fail, but it seems random people who have no reason not to like Hossa have jumped on this bandwagon.

    BTW, unrelated but I love the “Sharing is sexy!” Where’d you get that?

  4. 4

    Great post! Heatley is an ass! I’m still mad at Hossa- when asked in a post game interview what he thought about Atlanta, he said “I love it!” If you loved it so much you would have conveyed that fact to ownership that you really wanted to stay and you would not have been traded to Pittsburgh! I’m also upset with Hossa because he gave me his flu bug when he signed his John Hancock for me after practice a few years back. He has been on some great teams since leaving Atlanta, but his stats have not been the same since.

  5. 5

    I totally love your blog!

  6. 6
    Ron Walchli 

    Interesting read, perhaps the best article iv’e browse today. Cheers to you!

  7. 7

    The Blackhawks will most certainly be taking home the cup this yr, virtually no question about it. Before throughout the 2010 playoffs i believed Chicago was probably hopeless mainly because regarding the Hossa curse. 3 different squads, three different years, all making it to the cup finals nonetheless not winning. Lets discover if he will acutally win 1 this yr. In addition to besides the actuality, i can’t stand Philly for motives that is going to go unnamed. Phillys point in time within the spot light is through, down 2-0 they really don’t have a chance. Go Hawks!

  8. 8
    Claudia Walker 

    Finally after weeks of waiting and anticipation!! Blackhawks run in the Stanley Cup Finals take them to the top of the event rankings .I’m sure that Chicago Blackhawks Tickets will be a sell-out too! Chicago has ALWAYS been a hockey town. THE hockey town.

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