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19 May 2011 Thrashers Rally — Be There

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23 Jun 2010 Crystal Ball Gazing: Who’ll Take Home the Trophies?

So here we go again with another Goddess pick off.   This time, we are selecting who we believe will win the major categories at the NHL Awards today.   As always, we made our selections without seeing one another’s answers or consulting anyone else.  Let’s see which goddess gets the bragging rights for this pick off round.   For the record, Goddesses Annalisk, Kaat and Savvy tied for the win in our last pick off.   After you’ve read our picks, why not give us yours? [Editor's note: Updated with winners 10:35 p.m. ET]

Goddess Face Off

Hart Trophy Ovechkin Sedincheck Ovechkin Sedincheck

(I’m sick and tired of Ovechkin and Crosby.)
Vezina Trophy Millercheck Millercheck Bryzgalov Millercheck
Norris Trophy Green
Keithcheck Doughty Doughty
(I don’t have a clue why Mike Green is a finalist –again!. It’s best DEFENSEman.)
Calder Trophy Myerscheck
Duchene Duchene Myerscheck
Lady Byng Trophy Datsyuk Datsyuk
Datsyuk St. Louischeck
Selke Trophy Datsyukcheck Kesler Kesler Staal
Jack Adams Award Tippettcheck
(Did an amazing job amidst all the chaos.)
(The obvious choice.)
(Overcame serious obstacles.)
(Proving that superstars usually aren’t the best coaches.)
Masterton Trophy Theodorecheck Theodorecheck Ortmeyer Theodorecheck
Pearson Ted Lindsay Award Ovechkincheck Crosby Crosby Crosby

Now that you’ve seen our picks, why not give us yours! Leave us a little comment, won’t ya?

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29 May 2010 Facing Off on the Stanley Cup, Playoff Beards and More

It’s a Goddess smackdown! Ha ha! Just kidding. But it is that time again. Time for the Hockey Goddesses to make their fearless predictions. Much like we did with our Olympic pick off 1 and 2, read the tea leaves and let you know what we see. We’ll also share our thoughts on some marginally related — but fun — items, like our vote for the “best playoff beard.”

We made our selections before the first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs without consulting one another. So, now that I have kept you in suspense — here are the results! After you read, let us know what you think!

Goddess Face Off

Stanley Cup Winner Conn Smythe Prediction
Amy Blackhawkscheck Michael Leighton Blackhawks in 7
Annalisk Blackhawkscheck Antti Niemi Blackhawks in 6.check
Kaat Blackhawkscheck Antti Niemi Blackhawks in 6.check
Sasha Philadelphia Michael Leighton Flyers in 7.
Savvy Blackhawkscheck Jonathan Toewscheck Blackhawks in 5.

Watercooler Chatter

The Goddesses want to give a special award to Scott Hartnell. We appreciate irreverence. We appreciate the desire to make a bold statement, but none of us seems to appreciate Scott Hartnell’s special brand of wolfishness. (We prefer the Peter Forsberg kind of wolf.)

Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell takes the prize -- worst hair, worst beard, biggest beast. Thank you Mr. Hartnell.

Goddess Amy

  • Ugliest player: * I don’t think either team has anyone truly stomach turning in the looks department; but I think that Scott Hartnell has to be the player who best personifies ugly in the way he plays.
  • Prettiest player: Blackhawks- Niklas Hjalmarsson You would think being a Swede would give him a head start; but hi!, you’ve met Daniel Tjärnqvist and the Sedin twins right? Patrick Sharp is a very close second as the brunette contender, but I think Nikky is just lovely.
    Niklas Hjalmarsson

    The Blackhawks' Niklas Hjalmarsson.

  • Disappearing act: I don’t know if there has been one from the Flyers, which is probably one of the reasons they’re in the Finals. On the Hawks though, I have to go with Brian Campbell. He’s being paid a lot of money and, though his regular season was pretty good, in the playoffs his plus/minus is higher than is point total.
  • Best shirtless: I’m sure there are more out there, but I was in a time crunch and I remembered this one. Yeah, he’s a douche sometimes, but he helped my Ducks win a Cup and he’s pretty built too. I give you Chris Pronger (pictured, left, with former NHLer Eric Lindros).

    Chris Pronger

    Chris Pronger, left, and Eric Lindros

  • Best hair: ** It has to be the mullet on Pat Kane. OMG … it’s so bad that it’s fabulous.
  • Best playoff beard: Best playoff beard — I hate him but Scott Hartnell has to win. He also comes second to Pat Kane in the best hair department.
  • Worst playoff beard: It’s gotta be Danny Briere. It’s just only a tiny bit thicker than Sidney Crosby’s but Sid is 10 years younger.
  • Best goalie mask (of those goalies remaining): Cristobal Huet. It’s beautiful with the Native American headdress on it. I do miss Patty Lalime’s mask with his signature Marvin the Martian wearing the headdress though.

Goddess Kaat

  • Ugliest player: * It’s so predictable that I hesitate to select him, but Scott Hartnell, come on down!
  • Prettiest player: * Marian Hossa. When he was traded away, it was like they traded away my best friend and I suddenly had to find a new best friend. I am still looking. He’s pretty when he is playing well. He’s Magical Marian and I hope to see that gorgeous play come out to, well, play. I hope he silences the critics.
  • Disappearing act: I predict one of the two starting goalies goes AWOL. It would be so easy to cherrybomb on Hossa, who is having a rough go.
  • Best shirtless: My selection is the Michael Jordan statue outside the United Center. Someone has placed a Blackhawks jersey and helmet on it and it just ain’t right as we say down South. Jordan deserves to be left in his old Bulls jersey, not dolled up like the famous Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium whom they love to dress up in costumes. No, no. MJ deserves the respect of being in his own gear. Therefore, he’s my pick for “best shirtless” — or would be best shirtless. He shouldn’t be in that jersey!
    Blackhawks jersey on Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center.

    A Blackhawks jersey was placed on the Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center.

  • Best hair: ** I am kind of loving Marian’s shag. He’s got a nice looking Beatles vibe going and I dig it. Enough of the spiky. He’s going all sleek and silky. Nice! (His beard looks well looked after too. Extra points!)

    Marian Hossa

    Marian Hossa's new 'do.

  • Best playoff beard: Yeesh, that’s a tough one. I am not much of a beard fan in general, but I rather like the beards that haven’t come in all the way or are patchy — you just know that bothers the poor guys. I find it endearing and, dare I say it? Cute. There, I ruined my rep.
  • Worst playoff beard: Chris Pronger. I am baffled by his lack of a beard at all. Come on!
  • Best goalie mask (of those goalies remaining): Cristobal Huet. I really like the feathers and the continuity of a theme. It just looks cool. I know some people will think that makes me uncool and that I am stereotyping or being otherwise rude. Not in the least. I just think it looks awesome. Only great love is intended.

    Cristobal Huet

    Cristobal Huet's beautiful, colorful mask.

Goddess Sasha

  • Ugliest player: *I’m interpreting like I always do. Literally. It is a close race between Scott Hartnall and Ian LaPerriere.
  • Prettiest player: * Niklas Hjalmarsson. Just check him out.
  • Disappearing act: I will predict that Patrick Kane does the disappearing act .
  • Best shirtless: Riley Cote. I’m not sure what is best, but it’s best something.
    Riley Cote

    Riley Cote's sexy chest.

  • Best hair: ** Patrick Sharp always has great hair.

    Patrick Sharp

    Patrick Sharp and his fabulous hair.

  • Best playoff beard: Arron Asham – he looks Asian with much so the third search suggestion when you start to type in your google toolbar is “Arron Asham Asian.”
  • Worst playoff beard: Simon Gagne — Because it’s just ugh.
    Simon Gagne.

    Simon Gagne, left, and Danny Briere were both tagged as having the worst playoff beard.

  • Best goalie mask (of those goalies remaining):Both are very un-inspiring I think.
  • Thoughts: I think Philadelphia will win — a bunch of no names, barely squeaking in and have scratched and clawed their way to the finals.

Goddess Savvy

  • Ugliest player: * Hmmm… Carcillo or Hartnell… Carcillo or Hartnell… oh great. Now I have to go wash my brain out with soap.
  • Prettiest player: * Patrick Kane. I like pretty boys with curly blond mullets. Reminds me of my college days.
    Patrick Kane

    Patrick Kane wears hockey hair nouveau (and a fauxhawk?).

  • Disappearing act: Chris Pronger. Wishful thinking, I know. But I’m hoping somebody does this to him:

  • Best shirtless: [Editor's note: Goddess Savvy is cheating again! Ha ha! -- Admin] The Boston Bruins aren’t in the final. :-( He’s pretty anyway: Matt Hunwick.
    Matt Hunwick

    He's not in the finals, but he still looks good with his shirt off: Matt Hunwick.

  • Best hair: ** Kane, of course.
  • Best playoff beard: Danny Briere, because it’s so… sad. Like a little lost playoff beard.
  • Worst playoff beard: Jonathan Toews, hands down. He looks like he’s molting.
  • Best goalie mask (of those goalies remaining): Tuukka Rask. He’s not remaining? He SHOULD be!
  • Thoughts? Blackhawks in five. (I wonder if Stan Bowman, the Blackhawks GM, will cap off the series win by hoisting the Stanley Cup and saying, “Après moi, le deluge”?)

* Note 1: Prettiest/ugliest player was open to interpretation. It could have meant looks, style or play, however the goddess chose to interpret that question.
* Note 2: There is not a “worst hair” category as it is clear that Scott Hartnell would sweep it.

Photos: Patrick Kane by Getty Images; Matt Hunwick by Stuff Boston; Marian Hossa by The Associated Press; Michael Jordan statue by The Associated Press; Niklas Hjalmarsson from; Chris Pronger and Eric Lindros from; Riley Cote from; Patrick Sharp by


24 Feb 2010 Fearless Predictions and Olympic Observations

Once again, the Goddesses gazed into their crystal balls and here is what they see for week two in the men’s Olympic tournament. Note: None of the goddesses consulted with the other, and this was posted before the Canada-Russia game.

Goddess Amy

  • Best uniforms: Sweden… classic and classy
  • Best sighting from another league: Double J — Jaromir Jagr — from watching him play and some of the interviews, he’s grown up a lot I think.
  • Biggest surprise: Probably Norway. They just about pulled it out last night and looked really good.
  • Best non-NHL player: Tore Vikingstad from Norway. Boy has some skills.
  • Ugliest player *: I don’t know … ugly is in the eye of the beholder. But if I had to pick one, maybe Andrei Markov or a couple of the Belarusian guys.
  • Prettiest player *: Probably Toby Enstrom of Sweden.
  • Most unusual name: Tore Vikingstad… it’s perfect for a Norwegian.
  • Best goalie mask: I really like Ryan Miller’s mask a lot.
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: I can’t think of one. They are all pretty great.

Goddess Kaat

  • Best uniforms: USA: I’m a homer, but you can’t beat the red, white and blue throwback-kinda jerseys they wore in their win against Canada. A bit of a nod to the 1980 Miracle on Ice team. Classic. I like them even if they do look a bit like the New York Rangers out there. Honorable mention to the Czech Republic with their old school coat of arms on the front. I just dig them.
  • Best sighting from another league: Richard Zednik. He’s always been one of my favorite players. As regular readers may know, I have a strange array of favorite players and he is one of them. So great to see him playing and playing well — especially after the horrible skate to the neck. Honorable mention: Jaromir Jagr. The NHL lost a character when he defected to the KHL.
  • Biggest surprise: That either Canada or Russia will go home sans medal. And how awesome Jeremy Roenick has been as a color commentator for NBC. As the old McDonald’s slogan goes: “I’m lovin’ it.”
  • Best non-NHL player: Jaromir Jagr. As much as I want to say Richard Zednik. It’s Jags.
  • Ugliest player *: Phil Kessel. He’s played like crap so far. Has he even been on the ice?
  • Prettiest player *: Ryan Miller, baby. He’s been incredible.
  • Most unusual name: Janis Sprukts. I was fascinated by this last name when I saw him play in the KHL. It still gives me a mixture of intrigue and giggles. And it looks awesome in Cyrillic. To wit: “Спруктс.”
  • Best goalie mask: Henrik Lundqvist always has cool masks. I am digging his Tre Kronor/Lady Liberty mask. Kind of the duel personality — Sweden’s crowns and a symbol of the U.S. on the other.
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: I know not everyone can afford to get a new mask just for the Olympics — or can they? They probably can, but are too superstitious or something. But I think Miikka Kiprusoff is lame for wearing his regular season mask. And, under normal circumstances, I love that mask of his — with the bad ass flaming skulls and all. It’s awesome, but I’d like to see something new for the Olympics. Show a little flare, Miikka baby.

Goddess Savvy

  • Best uniforms: Germany. The Germans always have great uniforms, no matter what the sport.
  • Best sighting from another league: Rosie — Vladimir Ruzicka — coaching the Czech Republic! :-)
  • Biggest surprise: Besides the obvious? U.S. upsetting Canada and Canada needing a shootout to beat Switzerland?
  • Best non-NHL player: n/a
  • Ugliest player *: Tomas Plekanec. He’s always the ugliest player, and that goes both ways.
  • Prettiest player *: David Krejci. He’s getting lots of well-deserved recognition from NBC’s announcers.
  • Most unusual name: Is there any better name for a Norwegian hockey player than Vikingstad? Did he make that up?
  • Best goalie mask: Tomas Vokoun. I like the Czech coat of arms. (Props to Miller, though, for including a shamrock on his mask as a tribute to Jim Craig.)
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: Thomas Greiss. He’s using his Sharks mask. Fail.

* Note: Prettiest/ugliest player was open to interpretation. It could have meant looks, style or play, however the goddess chose to interpret that question.

Bold Predictions

Canada or Russia? Difference Maker?
Amy Canada Jarome Iginla
Kaatiya Russia Evgeni Nabokov
Sasha Canada Scott Neidermayer
Savvy Russia Alex Ovechkin
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17 Feb 2010 Goddesses Square Off

The Hockey Goddesses have thrown their hats into the ring, dropped the gloves, gone mano-a-mano … er, well, something like that, to bring you our Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey predictions. (We’d have done women’s hockey too, but were a little late in starting and they’ve already played too many games — given us a bit too much of a preview.)

So, herewith, and without consulting one another are our picks — a few bold ones in there. We’ve also picked our tournament MVP and a players we expect to surprise you — maybe for good or bad. Amy selected two possible MVPs — we’ll let her get away with that, but just this once. She also selected a second set of winners — BEEP — not gonna happen. You gotta go with your gut. So for the purposes of this table, it’s first instincts. For the record, Goddess Amy said her table would look different if the goalies wigged and stunk. For the purposes of our exercise, we are assuming everyone is firing on all cylinders. Maybe we’ll do the all-oops team picks tomorrow. Ha ha!

Anyway, let’s see who comes closest … and see if you agree with our picks. If not, tell us why.

AmyRussia Canada
SwedenJarome Iginla or Alex OvechkinBobby
KaatCanadaRussiaU.S.A.Canadian fansRyan Miller
SashaSwedenCanadaRussiaPeter ForsbergLoui Eriksson
SavvyRussiaCanadaCzechEvgeni NabakovDavid Krejci
** It should be noted all picks were in before the men’s tournament began.
** Kaat selected the people of Canada as MVPs. Not only being a proud kid of a Canadian mom, but also she thinks they will push the Canadian team past the Red Machine. Selecting a player, she’d go with Sidney Crosby. How Cliché !


15 Jul 2009 Hockey in July
There aren’t too many things I like better than hockey during the summertime. Okay, maybe that’s stretching the truth just a little but there aren’t too many things that are as much fun as hockey any time of the the year. Last week I got a chance to attend the Flyers’ prospect camp for the first time. My only regret is that I waited so long.
Since the Flyers season ended in the first round of the playoffs I have been missing hockey — a lot. I’m not sure if I was more excited about seeing some of my favorite players from the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Adirondack Phantoms, or to see some of the prospects I read and heard about all last season. And no, I’m not talking about the Flyers’ 1st round, No. 2, overall draft pick from 2007, James van Riemsdyk. If you live in Philly, he’s pretty much all you hear about.

Me? I’m not really impressed. But, what excited me most besides just being there, at the rink and watching hockey, was the chance to see two French-Canadian defenceman and the goalie prospects. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

A few random things that amused me about camp
Listening to the coach

Listening to the coach.

#1 The prospects looked way more dead on Sunday morning than they did on Wednesday. Maybe they had a little bit too much fun in Philly on Saturday night?
#2 On the 2nd to last day of camp the players practice jerseys had changed from boring orange/white/black to a google rainbow!
#3 Things were getting a lot more physical by day 6. Not amusing but fun.

The Old
A little less than half of the guys on the ice played for the Phantoms last year and most of those were forwards. The only Phantom d-man invited to the prospect camp was Mike Ratchuk. The main reason for that is some of the defenceman were free agents. We’ve already lost Nate Guenin. But, it seems like the only d-men that were invited to the first camp were those players who are trying to make the Phantoms or Flyers for the first time. Mike Ratchuk, looked impressive for his style of game he plays. He’s not your shut-down defenseman and isn’t the most physical guy on the ice. But, he’s a great skater, has excellent puck handling ability, and that boy can score! He reminds me a little of Mike Green but less physical. The second day I was there he took a nasty fall during a scrimmage and it looked like he might have been really hurt. He got up on his own and managed to get to the bench on his own. He didn’t come back for awhile but I was relieved to see him back on the ice.
Who will make the team out of camp?

Who will make the team out of camp?

Most of the Phantoms at camp were forwards and most of them looked impressive. JVR was a Phantom for seven games last season so I suppose I should include him here. He scored his team’s only goal in the first scrimmage but overall I was disappointed in his play. I barely noticed him during the scrimmage. He is a great skater, especially for someone his size and he can score but he didn’t stand out as much as some fo the other guys. He just didn’t play hard. The guy who impressed me the most was one of my favourite Phantoms, Pat Maroon. He was easily the best forward on the ice. His skating, which was his only real weakness last season, has improved a lot. He won most of his battles along the boards for the puck, and was great with the puck. Pat scored a goal and had an assist at the first scrimmage. It made me more than a little happy to see Pat get recognition from Paul Holmgren, the Flyers stoic GM. During his interview on the Flyers’ webcast, he said Pat had the best hands at camp.

The one thing I noticed about the different abilities and style of play was for the most part the guys who played a full season with the Phantoms last year played a lot more physical and harder than the younger prospects who were coming from juniors and college. There were a few almost fights between the Phantom players. Aww, come on refs, let them fight at least once? No? Last year I know Matt Clackson got into a few fights with the other “tough” guys. He had at least one with Steve Downie and another with fighter Garrett Klotz. I was really hoping for at least one but the “ref’s” broke them up. Maybe I’ll get lucky during regular camp.

Kevin Marshall skates at Flyers Prospect Camp

Philly defense prospect, Kevin Marshall.

The New

As excited as I was about seeing my favorite Phantoms, I was even more hyped to see our defensive prospects I’ve been hearing so much about. It made me more than a little bit happy that two of my favorites, were the two standouts in camp. I find it interesting that both of them come from the QMJHL. It seems like the QMJHL doesn’t get as much respect as the OHL which doesn’t make a bit of sense to me because some pretty amazing players have come out of that league. But, the Flyers seem to like drafting from that league. I think maybe it’s because they can get some highly skilled players with their usually later picks. Claude Giroux was a steal at 22. His performance in the playoffs is proof of that. And another standout in camp, Kevin Marshall, was drafted in the 2nd round (2007).

The Prospect Camp was my first chance to see Marshall play and just watching him was worth the trip. He’s known as a gritty, stay-at-home defenseman with a mean streak, but at camp he showed some offensive skills too. He scored a goal and blocked several shots during the first scrimmage. He’s not a big guy but more than makes up for it with how hard he plays. Comcast interviewed him for their webcast and Kevin said he worked the entire off-season with Ian LaPerrierre, the tough and gritty forward that the Flyers signed this month. It’s impressive that LaPerrierre would spend his off-season to help a young kid he didn’t really know. But, it’s kind of funny that fate has put them both on the same team. It can only mean great things for Kevin.

Flyers 2009 fifth round draft pick, Nicola Riopel

Flyers' 2009 fifth-round draft pick, Nicola Riopel.

The third stand out at camp was a draft pick from this year, goalie, Nicola Riopel. Yes, I know another French Canadian. Nicola is another interesting story. He wasn’t selected in the draft for the past two year but worked hard and improved each season. I think part of the reason he was skipped over is he was undersized. Reportedly, he had a growth spurt and is listed at 6’0. Last season was the best of his junior career. He set records with a 2.01 GAA and won the QMJHL player of the year. He’s another steal, not drafted until the 5th round. Even though I expected him to be good, he impressed me, maybe even more than the other players. This was Nicola’s first camp and he was best goalie on the ice. Joacim Eriksson, and Michael-Lee Teslak were both at camp last year. Jeremy Duchesne has been at camp the last few years. I only got a chance to see him play in a scrimmage on my first day at camp but he had a shut out. I’m really hoping this kid makes the Phantoms as the backup. With the loss of Scott Munroe, I think his chances are good.

Now comes the hard part. Waiting till September for the real training camp to start and the start of pre-season. I just wish it didn’t seem so far away.

Photos: By Goddess Kelles. Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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