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03 Mar 2010 An Old Twist on the New Avs

Peter Mueller warms up in one of his last games as a Coyote.

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised, or saddened to see Wojtek Wolski go. I know many Avalanche fans were hoping for Ruslan Salei or John-Michael Liles to be traded, and if Wolski had to go, they wanted a veteran in return.

I, for one, am happy to see the less-than-physical player leave our ranks. Rumors were that Wolski didn’t see eye-to-eye with the Avs management, and that he was on his way out. I take that to mean, they asked him to put his big body in front of the net and he didn’t want to take the beating.

Most Avs fans don’t watch a whole lot of other hockey, except what’s force-fed to them on the networks. That means, they don’t know a whole lot about the Phoenix Coyotes and Peter Mueller. I’m sure Goddess Amy will weigh in on this, since she saw him during his Junior days in Everett when he played for the Silvertips, but I really think this guy is going to be great. The Avs needed another center, and why not grab a young guy with tons of talent, a good work ethic and is easy on the eyes? ;-)

Getting rid of Liles would have been ideal. However, no one was going to pick up his inflated salary. The general public may not have been watching him the past couple of years, but the scouts were and he just doesn’t fit into too many team’s plans. After all, you can only have so many Mike Greens in the league.

Salei? Yeah, he’s carrying a bit of a salary, but for those people who never watched more than a couple of Ducks or Panthers games, they don’t understand what a talented, smart and crushing player he can be.  In his first game back this season, he threw some punishing hits and got an assist, looking as if he hadn’t missed a beat, and ended up +2 in a 3-2 loss. He is most physical defenseman next to Adam Foote, and he’s a smart player and great skater to boot. Why anyone would want to deal him is beyond me. I’d get rid of Brett Clark and even my lovely Scott Hannan before I’d ditch Salei.

Teasers:  I’ve promised KHL reporting and I will deliver soon.  Also, look for more rants on what else? Colorado Avalanche fan experiences.  Suffice it to say, we will not be renewing our season tickets next year.

Photo: Peter Mueller by Goddess Sasha. Copyright 2009-2010. All Rights Reserved.

25 Oct 2009 Avaholic Shoots Red Wings (Pictures)

Check out Goddess Sasha’s pictures from last night’s Avalanche/Red Wings game. Datsyuk and Zetterberg and Holmstrom … Oh my!

18 Jul 2009 An Open Letter to the Colorado Avalanche

Joe Sakic has retired, the Avs sat out the free agent frenzy, and they are still trading high ranked prospects for career minor leaguers.

I understand. Teams have to rebuild. The salary cap has changed the game. One would think that a team would have some foresight and get some creative marketing to keep the fans coming, or at the very least interested. No so for us Avalanche fans. Below you will find the letter I sent to the Avalanche (complaints are not welcome in the Avalanche organization and the only email on their or the Pepsi Center website is ‘webmaster@pepsicenter.com’ and it specifies that that it is for tech issues only – all other correspondence is directed to – get this – snail mail!).

Excerpt from the Colorado Avalanche
Screen shot of the Avs website’s “Contact Us” page as seen on July 18, 2009 (click the image above to see full size).

* * *

Dear Colorado Avalanche,

It is with a touch of sadness (yet more frustration) that I write this letter.  We are wishing to rescind our initial 2nd set set of season tickets, the ones that were to be located in the “Avaholic” section.  Although it is quite a deal, we feel that we can’t invest any additional money in an organization that quite frankly does very little, if anything, for its fans.  For now, we are going to hold on to our current season tickets, although at this point we are uncertain as to what we will ultimately decide as we approach the beginning of the season.

My husband and I are long time hockey fans.  We come from families whom had season tickets for the original NHL team here in Denver, the Colorado Rockies.  We have been season ticket holders for almost 10 years, and since the inception of the team, before our incomes would allow for full season tickets, we were 14 game holders, our total investment equaling thousands of dollars. We love the team and the sport, yet the attention given to fans in Colorado is one of the poorest in the league.

Several times a year we travel to other cities to see the Avs.  Each time, we’ve had an experience that far exceeds any we have had in Colorado.  From San Jose to Atlanta, L.A. to Boston, Dallas to Calgary, and may others between we have seen organizations that care about their fans.

Little things such as allowing fans to go to the lower level and sit by the glass to take pictures or cheer on the team during game warm-ups are allowed everywhere we have been – except Colorado.  In fact, one is not even allowed to go sit by the glass with lower level tickets, unless you are going to sit in your assigned section.  Practices are much the same, with no access to the glass.  Instead, fans are forced to sit in the stands, obstructed by netting.  We have been told this is a liability, yet I can name at least a dozen venues I’ve watched practice at the past two years and not a single one denied fans the chance to watch from the glass.  Even in this years rookie camp, we were not allowed to watch from downstairs by the ice.

Other examples abound.  Special events for season ticket holders and other fans are nearly non-existent.  Go to other cities and you will find charity events such as casino nights where one can interact with the players.   Even a huge market team such as the New York Rangers has such events. Yet in Colorado, there almost nothing, save for a fashion show where players are highly protected from the constituents. Game promotions are few and far between, and the quality just isn’t what it is in other cities. I would be happy to expand on the above issues to any interested party.

Pierre Lacroix has asked the fans to be patient while he rebuilds the team, yet what incentive do we have to be loyal?  Sometimes, promises of a good team just aren’t enough.   Look at a team like the Washington Capitals, whose organization even in tough times has marketed the team to the fans and made them feel like the team truly is theirs.  Various programs, promotions, and simple access to the team (something that costs nothing), has lifted the team to new heights and was well on its way even before the arrival of Alexander Ovechkin.

I have considered writing this letter many times throughout the past few years, and have finally reached the point where our concerns should be heard.  In times of such economic strife, why should anyone spend their hard earned money on a team that quite frankly, has shown they care very little about us.  And, in a city where the economy is actually much more favorable than most other cities in North America, the already pathetic attendance supports our concerns.

Thank you for your time, and we wish the team better times in the future.


26 Jun 2009 2009 Draft – Goddess Sasha Style
  • Is the first pick really going to be a surprise?  Really?  I think they’ve been touting Tavares as the first pick for 3 years now.
  • Poor Tavares.  Don’t hate me Islanders fans, but, yeesh.
  • Garth Snow, you are younger than this goddess and look a decade older.  What happened to you?
  • Oh damn it just pick, Tampa Bay!
  • Oh my broken heart.  I wanted Hedman.  Excuse me for a moment while I shed a tear.
  • He’s beautiful too, what can I say?
  • Ok, refocus.  The Avs are next!
  • I know I am in the minority here, but really, I don’t want to see another center.  Sorry Matt Duchene, I just would rather have someone that isn’t a North American.  Just one, ok?
  • Interesting trade there, but who really thought that Pronger was going to stay in Anaheim.  He sure seems to wear out his welcome everywhere, doesn’t he?
  • Lucas Sbisa.  I don’t mind seeing him more in the west at all.
  • Blah blah blah. Why do I have to listen to Pierre McGuire?  Why?
  • Surprise, surprise.  Can we get to round two now?  Wait.  Did we give that pick away too?
  • OK, on to my second favorite team, who will hopefully get my sympathetic favorite.  I can only hope … and be jealous in the process.
  • Poor kid has yellow teeth, but I like his personality.  Seems like a good head on his shoulders.  Can we just get him now?
  • Evander Kane?  Sigh.  Where is my other Swede?
  • Oh wait. He’s black!  Get him in Atlanta!
  • Ah, good move.  And he wants to be a 50-goal scorer.  Sweet.
  • Ok, refocus.
  • Brayden Schenn.  The Kings have got to be good soon.  They’ve got incredible talent.
  • Ahahah!  Brian Burke!  Lol!  Need I say more?
  • No respect to Alex, but I believe that Luc Bourdon was a Ron Delorme draft pick.
  • Ooooh….trade with Columbus?
  • I want to go to another draft again.  It’s been over 10 years.  What do you say, Goddess Kaatiya?  Are you with me?
  • Another Swede. We could have had.  Sigh.
  • I’m noticing that all these guys have cut their hair for the draft.  Interesting.  I hope that it isn’t a sticking trend.
  • Interesting.  Toronto is always good for the multicultural pick.
  • Oh Brian Burke you’re such a politician.  Not.
  • Ok. Now I feel old.  Joe Nieuwendyk is in management. I think this is a sign.

( Had to take a break and take the cats out.  What do you expect?  It’s the off season! )

  • So it takes my how many picks to see my Swede go. Will the Russian still be around for the second round Avs pick? Yeah, I know I’m crazy, but I can hope.
  • Nashville picks Ryan Ellis?   Poor kid.  Looks like a 13 year old.
  • Ooh.  Drama!  NYI and Minnesota?  What’s the deal guys?  Ok, nothing terribly exciting. Get me all wound up for nothing.
  • I want to care about Ottawa, I really do. But I just don’t.
  • Damn Oilers!  They got my Swede!  Booo!  A division rival too.  Sometimes life is just not fair.
  • Chris Pronger — what a prick.  Sorry, it had to be said.
  • More picks I’m really not interested in.
  • Oh wait! The Russian.  Dmitry Kulikov.  Picked by Miami no less.  Well, if he’s going to sign in the NHL and bring his parents here, Miami is probably the best bet.  Good call.
  • The announcers are really trying to get interesting stories where there aren’t any.  No disrespect to the guys getting drafted, but the stories are all starting to sound the same.
  • Another Swede?  Wow. This time to St. Louis.  And he still has his hair ;)
  • OK, the host city deserves some attention. I’ll give Montreal a bit of love.  And they pick a Quebecois.  And the crowd goes wild!
  • Nothing else of note in the first round, except the lovely Philippe Paradis, who looked so mature and intelligent with his little glasses.  In fact, so much so, it deserves a picture.

26 Jun 2009 NHL Entry Draft — Some Lighthearted Notes

  • There was something about trading Pronger to Philly — did I mishear?

  • Garth Snow turned old overnight

  • People booing Bettman. Not a fan of that.

  • Someone told me today “nobody cares about hockey except Canadians.” I’m so tired of hearing that old chestnut.

  • Lots of chips and waters on the Islanders’ table.

  • The Isles lost on purpose for this. They had better pick well.

  • Nice French speaking by Mario Saraceno — whoever he is.

  • Hedman looks like a tiny boy with a bowl haircut and forced smile.

  • Duchene looks like he’s going to explode. Breathe, baby.

  • Taveres knew it. You could read it on his face.

  • It really is a celebration for the whole family. It’s fun to see that.

  • Pierre McGuire says Tavares is the most scouted player ever — I find that hard to believe.

  • Nice pinstriped pants. Good choice there, Tavares.

  • Seriously, it was like Garth Snow retired and turned old immediately. Like Cinderella after the ball. Boom! Old!

  • I am tired of boring player interviews. It’s almost to the point where I wonder, “why bother?”

  • Per TSN The Anaheim Ducks have traded defenseman Chris Pronger the Philadelphia Flyers for defenseman Lukas Sbisa, forward Joffrey Lupul and two first-round picks. Interesting.

  • My husband just asked my daughter (2), “what do you eat when you are at a hockey game?”

    “Candy!” she replied.

  • Victor Hedman. He is not bad looking. Tall.

  • This is so unfair. Tampa always gets the good stuff. As a Thrasher fan I have a horrible sense of injustice.

  • TSN fonts “Comparable: Jay Bouwmeester.”

  • Oh the Avalanche are on deck. Goddess Sasha must be nervous.

  • Brian Burke, blah, blah, blah.

  • Pronger trade announced. Excitement abounds.

  • So Lupul back to Anaheim. I know someone who is going to be sad Lupul is gone from Philly.

  • Oh the announcers are annoying me. I am already nervous about the Thrashers.

  • Oh my husband has to point out poor Duchene’s zits. And they say women are mean.

  • OK. Goddess Sasha doesn’t like this pick.

  • Now Thrashers. Oh please, please don’t trade the pick. Please don’t trade the pick.

  • Someone in Duchene ‘s camp is verklempt.

  • An interview I read on PuckDaddy revealed Duchene to be somewhat interesting. More so than your average player. Or at least a more interesting interview. I am sure they’ll stamp that right out of him as soon as possible.

  • I thought Duchene was rather charming and seemed real.

  • OK everyone needs to get over the top three and focus on the Thrashers damn it.

  • In college there was a movement by this little dormitory — the tiniest at a huge university with very large dorms — it was called “Hotard Hall.” Residents of this dorm used to write “HOTARD EXISTS!” in chalk on the sidewalks. In the same vein, here I am saying, “THRASHERS EXIST!”

  • Thrashers d’Atlanta — sounds so chic. Except it’s pronounced “Trashers”

  • Just seeing Waddell is making me nervous, but his being up there at least means they are picking. Thank God.

  • Evander Kane. I think is great. Really, really great fit for Atlanta.

  • I am sure it is politically incorrect to say this, but I used to work in marketing and I believe Evander Kane will be a great sell in Atlanta.

  • How proud must you be as a parent to see your child drafted into any major league? I’d probably die of pride.

  • Seven percent body fat. OK. I hate Kane now. :-)

  • Oh yes, he will look good next to Ilya Kovalchuk. Please Don, sign Ilya. Offer him anything he wants. Get it done.

  • It’s wrong to say this but the Thrashers and their stupid winning streak at the end of the year was all for naught. They could have had Hedman.

  • LA Kings, blah, blah, blah.

  • Oh! Break Burke’s heart — Schenn gone.

  • Back to Evander Kane. I think this could be SO good for Atlanta. I am very hopeful.

  • Sorry, I don’t have anything to say about Schenn. I am on about the Thrashers.

  • Oh trade of picks.

  • Wayne Gretzky’s bro … it’s eerie how they look similar but not at all.

    [break in blogging … PIZZA!]

  • That was good. And I kicked everyone out so I could concentrate on my thrilling commentary.

  • I liked Brian Murray’s response when asked about Heatley. In essence: We’ll make him play for us if we can’t work a good deal. Good for you! What a little punk Dany is proving himself to be.

  • Not a huge fan of Ray Ferraro. The Patrik Stefan gaffe was bad, but I thought he was horrible about it (he was calling the game for the Oilers).

  • Glen Sather with a huge stogie. OK. That’s the best part of the night for me. Grrr…

  • Does anyone ever pass away untragically or not tragically? Just saying.

  • Yes, I know I am a bitch.

  • Well, I flunked out. My TiVo cut off at Calgary. So long for now.

  • 17 May 2009 And it Keeps Dragging On

    I wrote this about a month ago, and now that Calgary is out of the playoffs it seems a little less timely.  Still, I felt it worthy of posting. Apologies for the lack of posting here lately, but as you can imagine, with both goddesses mourning (or pouting?) the lack of their teams in the postseason, sour grapes can often distract one.

    The poor Steve Moore saga drags on, and the longer it drags on, the more furious it makes me.  I’m pretty much a “it’s part of the game” when people unfortunately get injured, but no matter how many times I look at the film, I can’t see any justification for this.  And I feel so horribly for the guy, who continued to be directly harassed.  Few things in professional sports make me want to cry, but the injustice in this whole scenario I  find incredibly depressing.  It really gives the league a black eye, more than a few “denigrating” words.

    The latest on Steve Moore

    The video of the incident (if you haven’t seen it)

    And finally, an unsung hero who is someone I have always respected — Andrei Nikolishin, who was keeping an eye on the situation and immediately jumped on Bertuzzi to stop the attack.  He was only in Colorado a short time, but was loved by his teammates, and has wherever he has gone and, if you’re interested, is still playing in Russia, captain of Traktor Chelyabinsk in the KHL.

    I’m not only saying this because I am a Colorado fan.  Anyone who knows me knows I try to be completely objective when it comes to the league. In fact, I tend to be more hard on my team than on other teams.  But as I’ve said before, I am more about the individual players than I am a team.  And when people’s livelihoods are effected, I can’t help but be saddened.

    25 Feb 2009 Sasha’s live game notes – COL vs. ATL

    And in what’s been coined (by me) as “The Battle of the Bottom Feeders” I bring you the Avs fan point of view for this live blog.

    1st period:

    • Yay!  Paul Stastny is finally back!  We’ve missed him and his gap-toothed grin.
    • Mike Haynes, Avalanche play-by-play guy starts by saying “Watch for #17 for Atlanta.”  Really? Duh!
    • Toby Enstrom!  Short handed goal?  I can’t help but get excited.  It’s Toby!
    • Ilya! Scores on a fantastic tip.   My fantasy! (On my Yahoo! Fantasy team.  Geesh, get your mind out of the gutter).
    • Oh, Darcy Tucker.  He went to the wrong penalty box.  It was definitely a LOL moment.
    • I’d pay Ruslan Salei to hold me as long as he’s holding Colby Armstrong.
    • Ugh, but I wouldn’t pay him to throw me into the boards like that!  Ouch!
    • Uh….Reasoner?  Wow.  The Avs don’t look so hot.
    • I’m wondering why Budaj hasn’t been yanked.
    • They guys are mentioning that John-Michael Liles has been out and will return later this road trip.  I hadn’t really noticed he was gone, to be honest.  Yes, that’s the kind of year the Avs have been having.
    • Ilya loves playing the Western teams.  It suits his run and gun style.  I think he’d be quite at home on a team out here ;)
    • Milan!  Hejduk!  He’s been a bright spot all year.
    • I’d love to say something nice about Kozlov but haven’t found a way to yet.  Not that there’s anything bad, just nothing outstanding.
    • Awww, little Toby. It just had to be said again about my little friend
    • And the period ends 3-1

    2nd Period:

    • Ilya is so fast.  So very fast.  I think I was that fast at one point. And then I woke up.
    • I’m actually almost missing the Thrashers’ play-by-play guy and his strange affinity for calling the guys by their first names.
    • Oh no!  Laperriere blocked a shot from Kovalchuk and went down.  I think it got the side of his knee.  Aww, and Ilya asked him if he was OK.  Love!
    • Ouch!  Guite!  Shoulder pain is certain to follow that crash into the boards.
    • Oh, Laperierre and Ilya spoke before the face off.  I wonder what was said. “Ilya, can you *not* shoot right into me when I’m clearly not in direct line of the goal?”
    • Wrong team, Slava.  This has not been your best game.
    • Thrashers have won 6 of last 7 faceoffs?  Wow.  Colorado seriously needs to look at a faceoff man in the off-season.
    • Toby almost scored again!  He’s having a splendid night!
    • Milan part 2!  3-2 now.
    • OMG! So many posts are being hit!  There have been a good 4 “almost” goals in the past 2 minutes of this game.
    • Peverley goes and …. uh, yeah.  Yank Budaj!
    • Melee!  Gotta love a good scrum, although not much came of it.
    • And the second period ends 4-2.

    Third Period:

    • Oh goody. Let’s start the period on a penalty kill, Avs.
    • Now a power play.  Looks like we might get out of those tonight without giving up another shorthanded goal.
    • Oops.  Spoke too soon.  Another powerplay.
    • Five minutes into the period and there has been hardly any even strength play.  Like no more than a few seconds.
    • Fact:  Atlanta only has 9 home wins this year.  I think they’re on their way to 10 tonight.
    • When did I become such a pessimist?  Couldn’t be the fact that the Avs are last place in the Western Conference, could it?
    • If I had a dollar for every time Smyth  hit the boards behind the net I’d be rich … or I’d at least I’d be able to buy a nice dinner at Russia House.
    • Slava Kozlov?  In the box?  I know one goddess who isn’t going to be happy….
    • The skating in this game is crazy!  Crazy good.  Wow!
    • Empty net already?  This is sad indeed.
    • Wait!  Wow!  One goal game now.  Stewart has been good for us.
    • Salei has been a much more dirty player lately.  And I like it.
    • Oh!  Almost!  So close!  Yet…..yeah.  :-(
    • Final score: 4-3, Atlanta.

    24 Feb 2009 Goddess Kaat — Live!

    1st period, Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (2-24-2009)

    • Paul Stastny is back. Now I need to decide who to drop from my fantasy team.
    • PP already for Colorado is not good. Only hope is that Budaj is in net.
    • Enstrom has a shorthanded goal? What?! Very nice. A bizarre looking goal, but awesome nonetheless. (First career shorthanded goal.)
    • It’s very interesting how the Thrashers have all of a sudden been able to score shorthanded.
    • I really think it’s time to pick up Rich Peverley in one of my fantasy leagues.
    • Ilya looked fantastic vs. Adam Foote.
    • Nice to see Darcy Tucker back in the ATL — and still taking penalties.
    • It’s getting good baby. Another nice goal.
    • Kovalchuk credited for tip in. Not that I saw it, mind you …
    • I am absolutely cursing Comcast. F*** YOU for having such horrible service. This entire year I’ve had to watch all of the hockey games on the Center Ice package through pixelating and stuttering and freezing on the feeds. You pay 150 bucks, you should get crystal-clear reception. One day of bad reception I can understand. EVERY night is so not acceptable. Sometimes I think I’d better off just listening to it on the radio.
    • I am going to call them now, damn it. Damn them for interrupting my game watching — and making me sit on hold. And messing up my first Blog-Along since November. Grrr…
    • OK So I just spent the last 15 minutes on the phone with Comcast begging them to solve our problems. I have a “job number” now and an appointment with the cable guy. You know how it goes, you have to sit there for a five hour window and wait for them to fix something that shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. Double grrr…
    • So no blogging from about 13:00 – period end. Thanks Comcast!

    Intermission 1, Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (2-24-2009)

    • I scrolled back through to see that the team had scored again. Marty Reasoner looking gorgeous scoring there. Plus Slava Kozlov assist.
    • What the hell has gotten into this team? Why, now that they are practically mathematically eliminated from playoff contention are they suddenly winning — and racking up goals?
    • Peter Budaj is one of my favorite goalies.
    • Natalie Taylor, the little cheeseball who does intermission reports, subtracts, rather than adds to broadcasts. I am a female journalist and feel ashamed of her every time I see her. STOP SMILING! You look like a deranged Cheshire cat. It was so much nicer when they made Darren Eliot hustle downstairs for the intermission interviews on that West Coast roadtrip. SportSouth, I am begging for mercy here. STOP NATALIE TAYLOR. She’s a twit. Get a female journalist — a real one. Not one who looks like she’s two seconds from jumping the guy she’s interviewing. The Southern accent isn’t helping either. She’s just not professional at all.
    • I absolutely love this year’s Thrashers’ marketing piece — that little 30-second clip. “It is the moment of impact … it is making a stand when it’s needed most…” I totally dig that. I wish I could find it on YouTube. For years I thought their TV ads weren’t as good as they could be — or should be — this year’s is really, really good. I think it does a good job of conveying the intensity and toughness of the game, while showcasing the players. I find it somewhat intriguing that they used Johan Hedberg and not Kari Lehtonen as the goalie in that spot.
    • I’d still like to see a little more selling of the personalities on the team. Exelby would do a fabulous job at this. But while I hold my breath for that, I’ll take this very well done ad.
    • Speaking of selling the game in Atlanta, I would love to see Anson Carter, not just back in the league, but on the Thrashers. He’s good looking, he owns his own hip-hop music label, he’s personable and funny, he’d just be a great marketing piece to appeal to a hugely important demographic in Atlanta — black fans — a demographic that really is overlooked. He’s a talented player that I think could fit in in Atlanta. I’ve thought that for a long time. And with this management’s penchant for penny-pinching, bringing in an aging NHLer who is out of the league and playing in Switzerland right now — well, that sounds right up their alley. On the other hand, let’s remember, too, he’s not that far from a few glorious seasons playing on a line with the Sedins. I’d wager he’s just as good as anyone on our third or fourth lines, but, unlike most of them, he has the potential to appeal to and intrigue a whole new group of fans. Maybe. Just a thought.

    2nd period, Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (2-24-2009)

    • I predict the Avs will lock it down now. The Thrashers will get frustrated and fall behind.
    • I was a cheerleader back in the day. I love real cheerleaders. The Blue Crew are NOT real cheerleaders. So cheesy. Give me a break.
    • Let me tell you, the last truly great cheerleading squad I saw was in Denver — the Nuggets cheerleaders are FANTASTIC! Real cheerleading and hot girls. I don’t mind the girlies, but make them have some damn talent other than looking good in the uniform. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be nicer to have little kids shoveling snow? Just a thought.
    • Ouch! Ian Laperriere hit by a Kovalchuk slapshot. I do like him very much. He seems like a cool dude.
    • I was on a roll before my call to Comcast. Then my husband wanted to watch the first period. So I watched it a second time. Now I’m out of the flow. A little remark on the Marty Reasoner goal in the first period. Slava made the prettiest pass to set it up. He’s so awesome.
    • I find myself torn. I want the Thrashers to win. I do. But I sure would love for them to get a high draft pick. At this point going on a winning streak doesn’t do them all that much good in the long run.
    • Clink! Milan Hejduk scores! Typical Thrashers, just kind of mentally losing it.
    • The Little-White-Russian Line lives — except the Russian is Ilya Kovalchuk now. Not Slava.
    • Milan Hejduk is one of those players that you forget about. I’m not sure why because he’s so good.
    • John Anderson looks thrilled with that Todd White penalty. The Thrashers love to give away leads. They’re so generous.
    • Another shorthanded goal? Wow. Go Rich Peverley.
    • OK. I am even more convinced that it’s time to pick up Peverley for my fantasy league. But I have so many good centers already. Hmm…
    • White could have had a goal right out of the penalty box and it would have been a gorgeous one.
    • I enjoy fights. I don’t want us all to just get along.
    • Kozzie had a nice blast on the PP.
    • Shooting gallery, but no score by Thrash.

    Intermission 2, Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (2-24-2009)

    • Aren’t intermissions so much nicer when they don’t involve Natalie Taylor?

    3rd period, Colorado Avalanche at Atlanta Thrashers (2-24-2009)

    • Ryan Smyth is one of my favorite players in the league. He’d be awesome on the Thrashers. He’s got guts.
    • Budaj has a great goalie mask. Kari, not so much.
    • Good clear Marty.
    • Kind of off topic, but damn it’s good to see John Tortorella back in the league. I’m just sorry he’s out of the Southeast and we won’t see him as often. Oh the thought of him versus the New York media makes my mouth water.
    • Another Thrashers penalty. They are begging for the Avalanche to step up and take the game from them.
    • Zach Bogosian could have had a good one, so could Kovy.
    • Clark tackled Kovalchuk.  Penalty.
    • I looked at the score and know the result. Way to go Thrashers! You tried to give it away at the end, but hung on.
    • Enstrom had a good game.
    • Slava does this hilarious congratulate-the-goalie move.  Look for it next time you watch the Thrashers — and see them win.  (Good luck with that!)

    24 Jan 2009 Starry Night

    … not just one of my favorite songs by Joe Satriani. No, no.

    Actually, I came across some interesting candid shots taken at the All Star festivities by someone from Home Ice (XM Radio 204), including a nice shot of Ilya Kovalchuk (in a lovely, surprisingly conservative Mr. Rogers-style sweater) and some of Milan Hejduk (since we goddesses are Thrashers and Avalanche fans first). They also have several nice shots of former Atlanta Thrashers Marc Savard and Dany Heatley.

    Last year this time, I was in Atlanta at the 2008 All Star Weekend. How quickly time does pass!

    I’d go on about the great No Detroit Red Wings on the All Star Team controversy, but why? None of them even wanted to go to the game, so is it really worth the effort? Probably not.

    19 Jan 2009 Singing Thrashers’ Praises

    I know this blog is a bit Thrasher heavy right now but having attended the Atlanta Thrashers’ Annual Casino Night this past Sunday with fellow goddess Kaatiya and her hubby, I feel the Thrasher organization deserves some kudos for actually doing something right.

    Not that getting to the event was without issue. Apparently, the ticket coordinator for the event took a three-week vacation a month before the event and fans that called the number advertised for the event had to leave voice mail. But I digress.

    Traditionally, each NHL team has held an annual charity event that allows fans to come interact with their favorite players. However, the term “interact” is used loosely. The amount of access one has to these players varies by team. Some teams charge an arm and a leg and while the notion of the proceeds going to charity is certainly commendable (and having a chance to write off the event on ones tax return), one can’t help but wonder if the high price is intended to keep the event just out of reach of your average fan. Not-so-coincidentally, these are also the organizations that give you 10 seconds twice in the event (if you’re lucky) to give your table’s designated “player waiter” to suffice as player “interaction.”

    Living in Colorado, I have never been tempted to spend $250 for the charity brunch the Avalanche organization holds each year. From speaking with former attendees, I have gleaned that your meal is served by a less popular player and are lucky if he has time to say more than “hello” and sign a program. Big name players are explicitly shielded from the (cough) average fan, merely speaking to the audience from the stage.  Oh yeah, there is that fashion show (and if you don’t have Sean Avery on your team, how exciting can it be?)

    Not at the Atlanta Thrashers Casino Night. No, for $200 you get 3 + hours of full access to all the players whom are held prisoner by their respective poker tables, an open bar, and delightful appetizers and pastries (that is, if you’re not too busy ingratiating yourself with the players and actually have time to eat). And really, if you’re a diehard fan of that team, it’s the least the organization can do.

    Young puckbunny looking to chat up the new guy? This is your gig. Cougar who just wants to sit and stare at Bryan Little all night while your wealthy husband chums around with Garnet Exelby? You’ve come to the right place! Fellow hockey player who wants to gab with her (new) favorite defenseman, Tobias Enstrom? Much obliged. Long-time fan wanting a picture with his man-crush Ilya Kovalchuk? The new captain will be more than happy to indulge you. Best of all, if Slava Kozlov is your hero, butter him up with a bit of Russian and a pinch of fawning and the usually reserved legend will give you a big smile.  And let’s not forget — it’s all for a great cause!

    Yes, this fabulous event was enjoyed by all and has made this goddess into a new Thrashers fan. The only negative comment I can offer is that it could have been better attended with a bit better coordination by the organization, which is seemingly lacking in the marketing department. But, that topic is reserved for another post, coming in the near future.

    Congratulations, Thrashers. You now have a new fan in Colorado!


    11 Nov 2008 Avalanche Warning!

    I visited the Pepsi Center twice this past weekend for NHL games — Avs vs. Wild and Avs vs. Predators.  I have to say, I was sorry find that the Avalanche have discontinued their use of the Avalanche warning siren as part of their goal celebration.  Now it’s kind of a run-of-the-mill affair.  That siren, coupled with Blur’s Song 2 was distinctive and cool.  Let’s listen, shall we?

    You’ve got to admit that siren makes it pretty cool. Now let’s listen to an Avs goal celebration from 2008. It’s missing a bit of panache and could be the goal celebration just about anywhere. Hell, it could be the music they play when the Nuggets win. Very nondescript.  On top of that, they are using Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll, Pt. 2.  I have a big problem with that.  Gary Glitter is a convicted child molester.  I’m sorry, but his music should not be used in NHL arenas or any arenas — particularly any place that children frequent.  That’s just a slap in the face to his young victims.  No royalties for convicted felons, thank-you-very-much!

    Everything old is new again, let’s bring back the siren and ditch the music of the dispicable child abuser Gary Glitter.


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