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24 Feb 2010 Fearless Predictions and Olympic Observations

Once again, the Goddesses gazed into their crystal balls and here is what they see for week two in the men’s Olympic tournament. Note: None of the goddesses consulted with the other, and this was posted before the Canada-Russia game.

Goddess Amy

  • Best uniforms: Sweden… classic and classy
  • Best sighting from another league: Double J — Jaromir Jagr — from watching him play and some of the interviews, he’s grown up a lot I think.
  • Biggest surprise: Probably Norway. They just about pulled it out last night and looked really good.
  • Best non-NHL player: Tore Vikingstad from Norway. Boy has some skills.
  • Ugliest player *: I don’t know … ugly is in the eye of the beholder. But if I had to pick one, maybe Andrei Markov or a couple of the Belarusian guys.
  • Prettiest player *: Probably Toby Enstrom of Sweden.
  • Most unusual name: Tore Vikingstad… it’s perfect for a Norwegian.
  • Best goalie mask: I really like Ryan Miller’s mask a lot.
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: I can’t think of one. They are all pretty great.

Goddess Kaat

  • Best uniforms: USA: I’m a homer, but you can’t beat the red, white and blue throwback-kinda jerseys they wore in their win against Canada. A bit of a nod to the 1980 Miracle on Ice team. Classic. I like them even if they do look a bit like the New York Rangers out there. Honorable mention to the Czech Republic with their old school coat of arms on the front. I just dig them.
  • Best sighting from another league: Richard Zednik. He’s always been one of my favorite players. As regular readers may know, I have a strange array of favorite players and he is one of them. So great to see him playing and playing well — especially after the horrible skate to the neck. Honorable mention: Jaromir Jagr. The NHL lost a character when he defected to the KHL.
  • Biggest surprise: That either Canada or Russia will go home sans medal. And how awesome Jeremy Roenick has been as a color commentator for NBC. As the old McDonald’s slogan goes: “I’m lovin’ it.”
  • Best non-NHL player: Jaromir Jagr. As much as I want to say Richard Zednik. It’s Jags.
  • Ugliest player *: Phil Kessel. He’s played like crap so far. Has he even been on the ice?
  • Prettiest player *: Ryan Miller, baby. He’s been incredible.
  • Most unusual name: Janis Sprukts. I was fascinated by this last name when I saw him play in the KHL. It still gives me a mixture of intrigue and giggles. And it looks awesome in Cyrillic. To wit: “Спруктс.”
  • Best goalie mask: Henrik Lundqvist always has cool masks. I am digging his Tre Kronor/Lady Liberty mask. Kind of the duel personality — Sweden’s crowns and a symbol of the U.S. on the other.
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: I know not everyone can afford to get a new mask just for the Olympics — or can they? They probably can, but are too superstitious or something. But I think Miikka Kiprusoff is lame for wearing his regular season mask. And, under normal circumstances, I love that mask of his — with the bad ass flaming skulls and all. It’s awesome, but I’d like to see something new for the Olympics. Show a little flare, Miikka baby.

Goddess Savvy

  • Best uniforms: Germany. The Germans always have great uniforms, no matter what the sport.
  • Best sighting from another league: Rosie — Vladimir Ruzicka — coaching the Czech Republic! :-)
  • Biggest surprise: Besides the obvious? U.S. upsetting Canada and Canada needing a shootout to beat Switzerland?
  • Best non-NHL player: n/a
  • Ugliest player *: Tomas Plekanec. He’s always the ugliest player, and that goes both ways.
  • Prettiest player *: David Krejci. He’s getting lots of well-deserved recognition from NBC’s announcers.
  • Most unusual name: Is there any better name for a Norwegian hockey player than Vikingstad? Did he make that up?
  • Best goalie mask: Tomas Vokoun. I like the Czech coat of arms. (Props to Miller, though, for including a shamrock on his mask as a tribute to Jim Craig.)
  • Worst/lamest goalie mask: Thomas Greiss. He’s using his Sharks mask. Fail.

* Note: Prettiest/ugliest player was open to interpretation. It could have meant looks, style or play, however the goddess chose to interpret that question.

Bold Predictions

Canada or Russia? Difference Maker?
Amy Canada Jarome Iginla
Kaatiya Russia Evgeni Nabokov
Sasha Canada Scott Neidermayer
Savvy Russia Alex Ovechkin
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06 Feb 2009 Dr. Z is in the House!

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